Ian R. Crane: Self-Appointed Judge and Jury of the Controlled Opposition Universe

2 Sep

By Jason Peter Rutledge

One really wonders who has appointed Ian R. Crane as the Grand Inquisitor of the Controlled Opposition universe?

This internet conspiracy theorist pontificates and fulminates, regurgitates and defecates his mental diarrhea all over the place with seeming impunity.  He points fingers at him and her, them and theirs, he and she, you and me as though he’s identifying lepers in a leper colony being singled out for “euthanasia treatments”.

How, really, does Ian Crane know with such certainty that all of his victims are surely controlled opposition?  Could he be wrong? Dead wrong for instance in the case of various Gulf Oil Spill activists, some of whom gave their lives as well as copious amounts of time, energy, money and other resources to the worthiest environmental cause in the country, and most urgent in US history?!

Could he also be dead wrong about Jane Burgermeister, an incredibly courageous journalist who has taken on the entire vaccination industry?  This Ian Crane throws around accusations against really good, brave, dedicated environmental and health advocates hoping that his charges will somehow stick to the wall of his own delusion and profound misunderstanding.

But who, pray tell, has empowered this one man British grand jury to investigate all things conspiratorial.  Who is it that has fully vested in him the power to judge and sentence individuals on the internet about whom he essentially knows nothing?  By what authority does he haul people into his little court and then imprison them with his baseless accusations, spurious claims and character assassination?  Does Crane derive his legitimacy from the lack of due diligence and critical thinking on the part of those who patronize his business and watch his conspiracy videos?

By the way we would also like to ask, “Who or what finances Crane’s operation.  In other words, who in the world does Ian R. Crane really work for?!?!  The people of the world that he professes to look out for. Or his own pocketbook.  Or even someone or something else in the background of Crane’s own delusional mind.

We certainly would not level the accusation of being controlled opposition against Ian R. Crane even though it is quite possible that he, himself, may in fact be the perfectly controlled opposition.  Since labeling anyone he does not care for or with whom he disagrees as controlled opposition has become his MO, and one that most of us level headed ones are sure to avoid (what goes around, comes around, so you’d better be right!), we dare not use this platform to lodge such a counter-charge against one Ian R. Crane, the Self-appointed Judge and Jury of the Controlled Opposition Universe.

It is well known by now that those individuals who have not a clue are the easiest to control (without them even being aware).  They are controlled by their own harsh judgments, deep-rooted prejudices, longstanding aversions, hateful outlook, etc.  Perhaps this is really where Ian Crane-land can be found. In the mental dungeon of some centuries-old Spanish Inquisition type of psychological torture chamber.  A place where only Ian R. Crane can rule the day, without fear of retribution for the extraordinary pain and suffering that he has zealously inflicted on those who have only served their causes well.

Shame on you, Ian R. Crane.  Shame on you!

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