‘The Big Fix’ Director Josh Tickell: Why Did His Mother – Deborah Dupre – Destroy The Gulf Citizens Movement?

21 May

By Jason Peter Rutledge

Since the first appearance of an article in Examiner.com written by Deborah Dupre, the massive citizens movement that was galvanized around the BP Gulf oil spill began to fray. Deborah Dupre is the mother of Josh Tickell, director of the recent documentary entitled The Big Fix. Here is a photo of Josh Tickell and his co-director wife, Rebecca Harrell marketing their previous documentary FUEL.

Starting in February of 2011 many of the committed volunteer advocates who joined the fast growing Gulf advocacy network began to leave.   Two sisters – Deborah Dupre and Delia LaBarre – are responsible for the disintegration of a network that came together over the preceding 10 months.  How did this happen?  Why did it happen?

It began with a 3 hour special which was conducted on the Rense Radio Network entitled Voices of the Shattered Gulf.  Both Dupre and LaBarre had significant roles in coordinating this unprecedented event.  This is where the real problem began.

Deborah Dupre is a reporter for Examiner.com who has earned a reputation for labeling anyone she disagrees with.  Should any individual who had a prominent place in any major environmental, health or other advocacy group in the Gulf cross her, she will use her writing platform to post articles of a highly defamatory nature.  Not only does she literally make up stories out of thin air, but she maliciously embellishes them to vilify her targets.

Both Dupre and her sister have made it a policy that anyone who becomes an object of their scorn is accused of being an infiltrator, controlled opposition, a BP agent, COINTELPRO, or some other pejorative term.  This journalistic tactic effectively destroys the individual’s reputation to the extent that no one will trust or work with them again.  

The following article elaborates their modus operandi with some detail and is well worth reading for anyone who wants the inside story about why the Gulf movement collapsed so quickly.  The Rense.com website for one removed all of the special boxes dedicated to covering the BP oil spill shortly after the aforementioned three hour program.  Until that time, Rense.com covered this oil spill environmental disaster more than any other website on the internet.

BEWARE of Deborah Dupre and Delia LaBarre

So, the question remains, why would the mother of the director of a major BP oil spill documentary set her sights on taking down an entire movement?

Some of the leaders of the advocacy network, who were taken down by Dupre’s articles, radio interviews and facebook comments, were well known to be working on other oil spill documentaries.  All of these individuals had already given their time, energy and resources to the cause of the Gulf on a strictly volunteer basis.  None of them ever received any donations or other consideration for the 10 months of tedious work that they performed.  Furthermore, these same individuals incurred great expenses to work on the Gulf, which were never reimbursed by any organization or party.

It’s important to understand the context within which all of these citizen advocates volunteered.  In light of the enormity and severity of the BP oil spill they were all willing to offer their time as needed to address what many felt was the end of the Gulf.  The work schedule for many was seven days a week, 12 to 18 hours a day.   They gave their time and money quite generously; their sweat and tears quite liberally.  For this, and prayer services which were conducted on behalf of the Gulf of Mexico, Dupre accused some of endangering the lives of the Native American Chiefs and Shamans who were invited to the North Florida shore to conduct a sacred Fire Ceremony.

This is just one of a long list of false accusations, misleading statements and defamatory articles written by Dupre.  The previous article also includes a list of comments concerning what many feel about the poison pen of Deborah Dupre.

The real question here is not about Josh Tickell, whose mother irrevocably destroyed the Gulf citizens movement.  It is about why the mother and aunt of The Big Fix director would take so much initiative to run off so many good people.  Who are THEY really working for, is the real question?

We now know that Ian R. Crane, a conspiracy salesman and ex-oilman executive from the UK entered the picture at the very same time that Dupre began her character assassination campaign.  He is also under investigation for illegally taping the GOSRC leadership during his first teleconference with them.  The discussion concerned requests for the GOSRC to promote Cranes’s oil spill videos that he had been trying to sell all over the internet without success.

Ian R. Crane cuts suspicious profile in photos as well as throughout the Gulf.

Both Crane and Dupre are now named as plaintiffs in a lawsuit being filed which alleges a premeditated conspiracy to defame and libel some of the key leaders of the Gulf advocacy movement.  A criminal legal action against both parties is also under serious consideration since Florida state law permits the prosecution of certain types of malicious character assassination.

Examiner.com and Philip Anschutz

Perhaps we ought to look more closely at Dupre’s ‘employer’ in that she was a paid reporter for Examiner.com.  Examiner is a wholly owned division of by Clarity Media Group of Denver, Co.  Billionaire Philip Anschutz is the primary investor, and effective owner of Clarity Media Group. Who is Philip Anschutz? And how did he make his billions? Wikipedia explains as follows:

This is where the connections begin to get interesting.  Here’s what Wikipedia says about the numerous oil interests which propelled Anschutz to his place as the sole billionaire in Colorado for many years.  It’s clear from reading the Anschutz history that his fortune has come form oil exploration and production.

There is also the matter of Deborah Dupre personally taking stipends from oil pipeline companies who run pipeline over her property in Louisiana.  This is a rather inconsistent transaction for one who assails the Oil&Gas Industry at every turn.

There are many within the anti-biomass anti-biofuel realms who are extremely unhappy with the message of Josh Tickell’s first commercially successful documentary by the name of FUEL.  Many who have watched this video feel that it functions as an enthusiastic advertisement for the biofuel industry.  If this is in fact the case, then FUEL has done a terrible disservice to the poor and starving of the world.  Every environmentalist knows that the cultivation of biofuel agriculture has created an unmitigated global catastrophe for the starving poor, as well as food availability for those living on the edge.  When you take away arable land from the starving regions of the world and mercenarily convert it into fuel-producing agriculture, you have literally taken affordable food away from the mouths of millions of starving people around the world.

Many with whom we have consulted in the course of investigating Josh Tickell, his mother, Deborah Dupre, his aunt, Delia Labarre and Ian R. Crane sincerely hope that the damage wrought throughout the Gulf Environmental Advocacy Networks will be repaired.  Too many innocent, good and sincere citizen advocates have been thoroughly trampled upon.  Where the individuals who are the subject of this expose have made money from the Gulf disaster, and stand to profit even more from this unprecedented environmental catastrophe, many who gave their lives in volunteer service to the Gulf are either bankrupt or on the way.

Many of those citizen’s advocates, in particular, have sacrificed much, and suffered more.  They gained nothing monetarily from their long hours, hard work and personal expenditure of resources, except completely unjustified persecution and loss of reputations.  They have endured the unwarranted attacks on their businesses, their families, their volunteer services and their person.  Some of these most effective BP oil spill truth tellers have seen their reputations so maligned that there may be no hope of ever regaining their good names.

Photo of Josh Tickell and mother, Deborah Dupre

Submitted by: Jason Peter Rutledge
May 1, 2012


This article is the first in a five part series, which will further reveal many of the hidden intentions and clandestine relationships among individuals associated the engineered collapse of the BP Gulf Oil Spill citizen advocacy groups.  If you are reading this article and possess information which will shed additional light on any of the matters discussed herein, please email us at the following address: DebDupreLawsuit@aol.com

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